I posted this little guy on our old blog back in December 2018 when I did a restyling, here is a previous text: I purchased this shimpaku juniper 2 years ago as a little bit neglected used-to-be bonsai imported from Japan many years ago. In those past 2 growing seasons I´ve been wondering how to improve this tree in terms of aesthetic design and this late fall I reset the structure and change the planting
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This monster larch is definitely an eye-catcher on our bonsai garden. Started in 2013 and the actual look is from the complete re-styling made this February. The larch will feature in an article in next issue of the czech bonsai magazine, so this time I´ll let speak the images for themselves. Tento mohutný modřín je vděčným objektem pohledů návštěvníků naší zahrady. Založen byl na jaře 2013 a aktuální podoba je z posledního kompletního tvarování z
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From all the spring blooming of dozens of deciduous trees, mostly p.mahaleb, in our bonsai garden I´ve had time to decently photographed just this one (which will feature in an article in a czech bonsai magazine). As every year, at this time we are completely busy with repotting, some yamadori collecting and also work on client´s gardens. Anyhow, you can see this mahalebs´s progression in gallery below, getting better year by year, this summer we
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Lets continue with wonderful taiwanese mountains. Sometimes the beauty looks totally unnatural :). Perhaps no one needs more recommendations for visiting Taiwan. It does not matter, if you will visit Taroko national park or some other one, beautiful nature can be found in each of them. Pokračování z taiwanských hor. Některá místa vypadají opravdu kýčovitě, ale je to asi ta nejlepší pozvánka a motivace pro Vás vycestovat také na Taiwan a vidět tu krásnou přírodu
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Back to heaven. I am happy to share next batch of photos from incredible taiwanese moutains. Amazing twisted trunks of mountain junipers, ancient rhododendrons, cloudy peaks…. No more words needed, enjoy! Zpátky do taiwanských hor! Představuji další sérii fotek z překrásných taiwanských vrcholků. Všude kolem byly překrásně zkroucené kmeny horských jalovců, prastaré rododendrony, vrcholky v mracích…. Netřeba dalších slov. MDR6268 MDR6266 MDR6265 MDR6261 MDR6259 MDR6255 MDR6192-HDR-Pano MDR6151 MDR6091-HDR-Pano MDR6064-HDR-Panoweb MDR6007 MDR6006 MDR6005
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