Taiwan is the worlds fourht-highest island, with the highest point at Jade mountain at 3952 meters. Almost 70% of island is covered by mountains, what an amazing island! Finally we spent 5 days on trek in Taroko national park and it must be said that it was a wonderful time. It was 5 days of hiking in unspoiled nature, wild forests full of ancient trees. We were not sure what to expect from the point
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New bonsai evolution has been added to the gallery. Working this european spruce has never been an easy task: its history includes a couple of sessions of heavy bending (with trunk splitting), reducing outgrown branches etc. For the first time now, the crown has been styled in a more detailed way and I´m starting to like the shape of this tree. Repotting into the new position should be another step ahead this spring. Nový vývoj
Bonsai evolution
I purchased this sabina juniper in 2017 with 2 more trees of same species, all of them collected yamadori from Switzerand. At that time this tree was after its first styling and other trees were even more mature. This winter I have found some time to restyle the tree more accordingly to my personal taste and towards the „taiwanese mountain junipers“ style. It is still a rough sketch of what it should look like, but
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In the first months of this year we have worked on many deciduous trees, among them on these two field maples. For both of them it was the second styling. The huge one was collected in 2014 with a lot of effort :-). With its height aprox. 140 cm it is one of the most powerful deciduous specimens in our garden. V zimních měsících jsme stihli zapracovat na mnoha listnáčích a mezi nimi i na
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New bonsai evolution has been added to the photogallery. This interesting twin trunk hornbeam has had quite a quick progression till the date. Collected in 2013 and planted immediately into a shallow container thanks to its very good and flat rootball. Styled twice so far and the crown is developing well. Already hoping to see it with opening leaves as most of our deciduous trees after the long winter period… Nový vývoj habrového dvojkmene přidán
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