At the beginning of November, we had a great opportunity to visit taiwanese bonsai exhibition Hwa Fong 2018. It was already the 23rd year of this most prestigious exhibition in Taiwan. Our guide has become Min Hsuan Lo, one of the world’s most respected bonsai masters in this island country. In this first part on our photostory from Taiwan, I would like to share few views from this exceptional exhibition. Začátkem listopadu jsme měli skvělou
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New bonsai story of a Pinus sylvestris bunjin has been added to the photogallery. This elegant scots pine was collected in 2012 from a rocky area: at first sight it seemed to be uncollectable as it grew straight into a rock, but we managed to get rid of a front stone tap and found out that it was growing in a perfect small hollow, so we could lift it up with almost intact rootball. Therefore,
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