Some day, a seriuos and passionate bonsai folk inevitably comes to a point when he has so many trees he has to choose which to keep and which to let go
For some, it might be question of just an „objective“ quality of a tree: you keep what you think it is the best (for given species, style etc.) and you get rid of not so good trees/material.
Well, I´ve been always kind of sentimental with certain trees from our collection, I´ve found that I need a strong story behind any tree I want in my personal collection: that could mean collected by myself as a special piece, traded with a good friend, styled at a special occasion etc.
Coming to a point, this slender mugo pine has a long history with me. It was purchased as a cheap nursery material by my father in 90´´´ s, but it remained
unstyled until 2004 when I set its structure for the first time (at a special personal occasion).
In the beginning, I thought that it might become quite a good bonsai, now I know that it can ´t really compete with „objectively“ much better specimens, however it is an integral part of my bonsai journey, therefore it will stay with us and never will be for sale.
Recently styled into more elongated style, the pot will be replaced in spring by a taller one

Pinus mugo 08 (Borovice kleč)

Výška cca 40 cm, původ - školkařský materiál, stáří cca 40 let, pěstováno od cca 1997, miska - Yixing.
Height aprox. 80 cm, origin: nursery material, age aprox. 40 years, in training since aprox. 1997, pot Yixing.

Pinus mugo 08

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